We began creating products in 2011 for no other reason than it feels good to create!  Our knowledge of gourmet food products told us that great products have to equally taste good and look good.  We love colours so our products look good on  any dish . Big bold flavours and vibrant colours  both in the jar and on the label.

Pesto is a classic product  - traditionally a blend of herb and nut. We have created a modern twist by utilising a variety of different nuts and some not-so-common pesto  flavours like beetroot.

In 2013 the pasta sauce range was created. Not just tomato blend in a jar - a thick, gutsy, full-bodied sauce that completes a pasta dish or accompanies anything from meatloaf to parmiagiana.

The discovery of a very special dressing, while recently in Italy has lead us on a journey of creating our Vincotto dressing range. Aromatic, decadent dressings with the flavours of Tuscany - fig, blood orange and black cherry, these are deliciously new and exciting.

We do hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them.